Application FAQ's

How do I apply to exhibit at Yarningham 2022?

Complete the simple online application form, found HERE. Please fill in the form as carefully as you can - we make our selections based on the application form alone.

What should I include in the bio?

We want to know about your business and what you will be bringing to the Yarningham marketplace. Use short, concise sentences and keep it simple. This is what we will use to promote your business, if you are selected. If you can, read it out to somebody. Does it make sense?

Are the photos important?

The photos of your products are extremely important - this is what we will use to look at your products. We don’t visit your online shop or social media. Make sure they are clear, in focus, preferably on a plain background. Please check the dimensions and dpi are correct, as listed on the application form. Get in touch if you need some help.

Who makes up the selection panel?

The four co-founders of Yarningham make up the selection panel. We are Sara Fowles, Helen Winnicott, Venetia Headlam and Lilith Winnicott.

How do you select?

We have a selection day, when we all get together at Yarningham HQ (Sara’s kitchen table) to go through the application forms. We use a scoring system, done individually then combined to give a final score. Those with the top scores are selected.

Do you have an application guide?

Yes, You can find our Application Guide 2022 HERE. It is a really helpful document that includes background information about Yarningham, stand prices and image guidelines.

I can't find the answer to my question?

Please fill in our contact form HERE and we'll try and help.