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Yarningham Statement

It is clear that the appetite for a yarn event that purposely differs itself from others is not there despite repeated calls from the community for change within the yarn industry.

TEAM YARNINGHAM have worked our knitted socks off since 2016 to create a yarn and stitch based event that addresses many of the issues highlighted by the yarn community.

We have loved attempting to shake up the yarn world with our intentionally different festival. However, we cannot continue to work tirelessly in isolation to deliver our treasured event without support from all our partners, collaborators & community to spread the word.

We will be taking a break for 2023 and there will be no Yarningham Festival.

We do have some potential plans for the weekend that would have been our 7th edition on 8th & 9th July 2023. Nothing is certain yet but if we do something it will be in true Yarningham style - unique, different, detailed and fun.

To hear first what we have in store make sure to sign up to our newsletter. You can do so on the homepage of our website here.

Sara, Helen, V & Lilith


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Susan Wood
Susan Wood
12 mars 2023

I know that yarn festivals take a lot of hard work and would like to say thank you. Yarningham was my birthday treat. As someone with chronic pain and mobility issues it was nice to go round where I could move and meet people. I look forward to your future endeavours. Thank you for everything.

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