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Carissa Dickerson

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Carissa is originally from New Zealand but has been living in the UK for almost 10 years – most of those on the South Birmingham/Worcestershire border. She has always loved making, and after giving yarn dyeing a go, quickly ended up with a lot more yarn than she had time to knit or crochet with. Hence, Tu Meke Yarn was born in 2020. She draws her inspiration for colourways from some of her favourite places in New Zealand. Unfortunately she is unable to bring Tu Meke Yarn to Yarningham this year but hopes to in 2022!

Carissa will be featuring in our Midlands Maker Spotlight for Yarn + Stitch magazine if our Kickstarter campaign is successful.

You can donate to the Yarn + Stitch Kickstarter here

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