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Deborette Clarke

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Deborette Clarke is a fun loving creative who has many years experience as an educator, designer and maker. She began working with leather after attending a few workshops and deciding to experiment further by purchasing a pre-owned leather sewing machine. Having worked with leather whilst studying at college and really admiring the versatility of the material, it was a natural choice of material to work with.

Based in the Jewellery Quarter, she designs and makes small leather goods under the label B18 Leather. Shapes are simple and colour is key, some pieces are hand painted using a variety of methods. The skin or hide is treated as a blank ‘canvas’ for the experimentation.

Deborette will be featuring in our Midlands Maker Spotlight for Yarn + Stitch magazine if our Kickstarter campaign is successful.

You can donate to the Yarn + Stitch Kickstarter here

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