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James Chandler

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

I'm James from JAMESMAKESYARN and @jamesmakesthings on Instagram. I am an obsessive crafter, living within the Cotswolds, mainly focusing on knitting, crochet and hand-dyed yarn. Hairdresser by day, I decided to start a small batch yarn business after becoming completely hooked on the art of dyeing my own yarn when I took a class at TOFT.

I adore all things colour and my desire is to create one-of-a-kind colourways, filled with speckles and unique colour combinations. You will be sure to find at least one neon colour in every colourway I dye and the more garish it is the better!

James will be featuring in our Midlands Maker Spotlight for Yarn + Stitch magazine if our Kickstarter campaign is successful.

You can donate to the Yarn + Stitch Kickstarter here

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