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Felicity (Felix) Ford - aka Knitsonik - invited us to a Q & A to talk about Yarn + Stitch. As she says:

"Yarningham is the UK’s only Black-led fibre festival, and the team behind this event are raising funds to produce Yarn + Stitch. This will be a landmark publication to accompany their online event, and will bring Yarningham to life in a tangible and physical way. Featuring local maker spotlights, exclusive articles and thoughtful knitting and crochet patterns, it will be one of just a handful of independent, Black-led and BIPOC-centring craft publications. As someone who has self-published several books, I can vouch for how much it matters who is in charge of a publication, and who gets to prioritise and lead its focus and tone. I also know how expensive it is to actually make it happen, and the biggest chunk of funds for this project will go towards paying writers and designers fairly for their involvement. This is a chance for us to uplift a community publication & to uphold the ideal that creatives in our industry should be properly paid. I’ve invited Sara Fowles to the KNITSONIK blog today for a Q&A so she can tell us more about Yarn + Stitch in her own words. If you’re not able to pledge towards making Yarn + Stitch a reality, please share the campaign with your network."

To read the whole feature, visit the Knitsonik blog

To donate to Yarn + Stitch, visit our Kickstarter page here

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