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Yarn + Stitch Magazine

Yarn + Stitch is a one off print magazine produced to celebrate Yarningham Online Festival 2021. The magazine features contemporary knitting & crochet patterns in beautiful yarns, exclusive articles, Midlands maker spotlights and festival mascots Boris & Donald the alpacas in their debut comic strip adventure.

Sara Fowles, Helen Winnicott, Venetia Headlam and Lilith Winnicott are the team behind Yarningham Festival. Started in 2016, Yarningham is an annual yarn festival bringing the best new independent dyers and producers to Birmingham. As the only Black led yarn festival in the UK, we are unique.

Co-founder of Yarningham Sara Fowles explains: “Yarn + Stitch magazine will be the physical aspect of this year’s festival. We usually produce a show brochure that has useful information about the festival and we commission exclusive patterns so that it then becomes something to keep, a memento of the customers visit to the festival.

With Yarn + Stitch magazine, we wanted to create something permanent, a tangible, physical item, beautifully designed with fantastic content. We chose the theme of friendship and connections for the magazine, which is really the basis of Yarningham. Everything within the magazine goes back to the aims and values we set out when creating Yarningham.”

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